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Hobart Hot Water Services are the market leaders for hot water installations in Hobart and surrounding areas. Our experienced, qualified and fully licenced plumbers can repair your current hot water system or replace/upgrade your existing system at affordable and very competitive prices. We repair and install all of the popular brands including Dux, Rheem, Aquamax, Rinnai, Everhot and Thermann. We can also assist you is selecting the best system to meet your needs and budget.
At Hobart Hot Water Services, we know the inconvenience and disruption caused when your hot water heating system fails. Don’t delay, have us solve your problem today – call us on 0427 009 693.
Our hot water system installation repair and services are carried out on electric storage hot water systems, instantaneous gas water systems and heat pump hot water units.

Electric storage hot water systems

These hot water systems use an electric element to heat the water. In general, the water is always kept at a specific temperature, so you are paying to keep the water in the tank hot all the time, even when you are not using it. Usually, electric storage hot water heaters are the cheapest option, they are also the most popular option.

Instantaneous gas hot water systems

As its name suggests, this is a gas hot water system (natural gas or LPG) that only heats the water when you turn on the tap, saving you money by not storing heated water continuously in a tank.

Heat pump hot water units

These are an environmentally friendly option that operate like your refrigerator but in reverse. Instead of creating a cold environment like a refrigerator, heat pumps create hot water using electricity to transfer heat from the air into the water. They are more energy-efficient than electric hot water systems and so help to reduce your hot water bills.

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